Dear Friends and Old Boys of DSB, SSJena, Pithoragarh Campus and affiliated Colleges of present Kumaon University,

This is just to introduce myself first before I share with you the background of the proposed Alumni Association of Kumaon University, AAoKU henceforth. I obtained my Masters In Science ( Mathematics ) from the erstwhile DSB Post Graduate College in 1967, Naini Tal, lodged in the Langham Hostel and later obtained my Doctor of Philosophy in History ( 1997 ). I entered the Indian Administrative Service in 1971 and after working in various capacities retired in 2005, as the Chief Secretary of newly founded Uttarakhand. I also had the privilege of serving for the next 5 years as the Chief Information Commissioner of Uttarakhand Information Commission ( 2005-10). In 2011 I was offered the NTPC Chair as Chair Professor by Prof Girijesh Pant, its the then Vice Chancellor, Doon University. For the past 4 years I am steering the Centre for Public Policy, Doon University. I also serve as a member of the Policy Planning Group of the Government of Uttarakhand recently constituted by Chief Minister Harish Rawat. It has commenced its functioning and I look forward to participate in this Group's activities.  

It was beginning of this month that I have been requested by Professor Hoshiyar Singh Dhami, Vice Chancellor, Kumaon University to steer an Alumni Association of our Kumaon University. I have assured him not only of my personal unconditional and unstinted co-operation but also on behalf of all those who can be contacted and are willing to come forward.

On my return journey to Munsyari, where I am based now permanently with my wife Manju, I had a detailed discussion with Prof Dhami and sought clarifications on a few points and of course his own views about the expectations from the proposed Association. The Vice Chancellor Prof. Dhami has assured the Association his full cooperation and support. He has particularly desired that all those who have moved out of the country must also be involved actively.

As agreed to by Prof Dhami the following points are to be taken note of and acted upon:

1. The Alumni Association will be open for membership to all those students who received any degree from Graduation onwards from any of the three PRESENT Campuses of the present Kumoan University i.e. DSB, SS Jena, Bhim Tal and Pithoragarh Campuses and all affiliated Colleges who award degrees of Kumaon University, regardless of the year of degree and the University predecessor to the present Kumaon University ( mostly Agra University at that time );

2.  Alumni Association of Kumaon University shall be a registered society with its headquarters at Naini Tal, the present hqs of the University; and it would be an autonomous registered body functioning according to its bye-laws and Memorandum of Association; it will work out its Vision and Mission, which of course will be focused on the 'over all development and educational excellence' with a view to make Kumaon University as one of the outstanding Centre of Educational Excellence.; and

3. The Association shall also have an Advisory Board consisting of all eminent persons who have been closely associated with the University, in any capacity ever, as defined in paragraph 1 above, in particular its teaching faculty and various Councils which are a part of its administrative architecture.     

With this brief introduction now I reach out to you and seek your co-operation on the following points :


Personal Particulars :

( a ) Your willingness to be a member of the AAoKU and particulars of your association with the Kumaon University , as defined already, with year of Graduation etc..etc


Contacts :

( b ) Contact details of all potential Alumni who could and should be approached; in INDIA and ABROAD, with email IDs, addresses etc etc


Suggestions :

( c ) Your views and suggestions on what action items need to be prioritized by AAoUK; specific activities proposed

( d ) As the Association is to be kept lean and thin, in terms of management, only LIFE MEMBERSHIP of AAoUK is proposed, what should be the Life Membership amount ?

( e ) Annual Alumni Meet, its appropriate period of meeting in Naini Tal and possible Agenda, as also duration of the Meet.


Request  :

As I am located in Munsyari, at the foothills of Pancha-chuli and connectivity is often a problem may I request you add in your mails the following ID also so that it reaches me both electronically and as hard copy, when situation so demands. The additional email ID

I look forward to your co-operation in our long journey, say life-long now, in making our alma mater as one educational institution of which we all are proud of jointly and trying our best to make it ever better and better,

Please forward this mail to every one whom you know and who must join us in this great journey, more when I hear from all of you

Wishing you the very best on Ashtami and  Ram Navami,


R.S.Tolia, Ph.D.

New Delhi/Dehradun/Munsyari

Mobile: +91-9412075025

T. +91 135 2533142

R S Tolia

Late Dr. R.S. Tolia, Ph.D., was former Chief Secretary ( 2003-05 ) and Chief Information Commissioner ( 2005-10) of Uttarakhand. He also served in various voluntary positions after retirement and devoted his time for Mountain Development Agenda.

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