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Two Disasters, One Lesson

By R S Tolia | Random Thoughts

Past three weeks found this writer participate in two major events organized by the United [&hellip

Disastrous Management of India ?

By R S Tolia | Random Thoughts

This writer was recently invited to an experience sharing one day Workshop jointly organized by [&hellip

Disasters and Climate Change : Role of Bamboo & Tea Plantations

By R S Tolia | Random Thoughts

Living in a remote mountain region like Munsyari one just can not help but reflect [&hellip

Messing -up ‘ Rehabilitation, Relief and Reconstruction’ ?

By R S Tolia | Without Fear or Favour

Deeply pained and distressed to see the way the “action-end” of the present administration has [&hellip

A Quick Re-wind : Uttarakhand Disaster 2013 ( Part I)

By R S Tolia | Random Thoughts

As the worst-ever rainy month 16 June -15 July in the recorded history of the [&hellip