By R S Tolia • Random Thoughts • 15 Mar 2016

We are told today is the last date for voting for the proposed SMART CITY.

There seems absolutely no need to eithe support Dehradun or any other place to be developed as a SMART CITY, but the Government of Uttarakhand  must consider introducing GAIRSAIN with BHARADI SAI, including the intervening areas, as a SMART CITY with a view to ve developed as the future Capital of Uttarakhand.

All right thinking people are likely to support this proposition of Govt of Uttarakhand, also hopefully the two major political parties and other regietered political parties.

This would save the Cities of Dehradun and Haldwani, as well as other developing cities as developing into veritable Black-holes.

We would be interesting in supporting the Govt of Uttarakhand as proposing Gairsain-Bharadi Sain as the future SMART CITY of uttarakhand and it must be developed as the First Modern Mountain City, as a SMRT CITY.

Himachal Pradesh has also suggested Dharmashala and NOT SIMLA.

Hope your reaers and all right thinking people would support such a move. There is adequate space at Gaieain, towards Pandu-khal  and towards Bharadi Sain, to be taken as a SMART CITY.

Peole during UP days have already favoured Gairsain as the proposed capital of Uttarakhand.

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