62nd Shri Hari Krishi va Udyog Pradarshini – Day II : 6th November, 2015

By R S Tolia • Random Thoughts • 6 Nov 2015

After a highly farmer-participative Day I events at The HRDI Nursery and the Sarmoli herbal Nursery the proceedings of Day II furter consoliated the bonding between the women-farmers of the 14 High Hiamalayn Johar valley villages.

History of sorts was made by the personal participation of the Director of Vivekanand Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan of Almora, Dr Pattanayake accompanied by his enior-most scientists, Dr Pande and others. Dr Pattanaik, a well known mountain farming expert of North Eastern States personally visited the host village, Malla Dummar, apprcoated the citrus fruits in fruiting as well as the over -all soild conditions. He took a great initaive of taking down movile number and other co-ordibnates of two women-farmers each of the 14 Johar villages. He promised to them that soon after returning to the headquaretsr he would invite them to the Institute headquarters and seek their suggetions on improvement of production and productivity of all kinds of crops grown in the Malla Johar valley. Wome -farmers showed graet interest and enthusism in this initiative of the top Hill Agriculture Institute of the iCAR system.

Capt.  Sri Ram Singh Dharmsaktu honoured the visiting Director and the Chief Guest of Day II function. Dr Vijay Bhatta shared the Annual Programme of next years HRDI project sanctioned to HRDI. Seabuckthrorn and as many as 12 herbs are to be promoted in the High Himalayan villages as well as Johar-Musyari region.

Mrs Uttam Singh Sayana was honoured with a shawl and Felicitation by the congregation for late Uttam Singh Sayanas; long contribution to the the cause of herabl development in the Mila village. This Annual Workshop has been named after Uttam Singh Sayana and would now be held annually, at Malla Dummar.

Women Farmers shared their experiences of cultivation in High Himalayan villages. The representative of Uttarakhand Organic Comddities Board also informed that Munsyari village is now covered under the Oragnic Farming programmes  and soon they would be interacting with several organisations and the farmers in this regards.

Exhibiton Halls exhibited local agricultural producsta s wel as woolen products in the Exhibition Hall.

In the evening local Mahila Mangal Dals dances traditional forms of dancing and sung local songs in praise of Hari Singh ji, in whose honour the Hari Pradershini is held.

Cultural troupes also entertined guets with some local folk songs.

Cultural Department has deputed roupes from Pithoragarh for ciltural programmes during the Exhibition nights. Every day late night cultural prograammes are entertaining the villagers of adjoing villages, Malla and Tall Dummar, Darati and Darkot etc.

Organisers of the Shri Hari Pradarshini have made elaborate arangements fro free transportation of women and children to and fro from the Exhibition to the three corners of the Tehsil, namely Dhapa and Chlam Dhar, Munsraei, about 15 kms away and Madkot, along he Gori river.

A large number of Malla JOhar migrants attended the Annual Malla Johar Vikas Samiti meeting and shared their experiences.

Patron of the Pradarshini lamented the fact that despite invitations sent to local and district authorities the various development departments and the local administration had shown no interest in such people -centric events. He strongly objected to the indifference that has vbeen shown by the local administartion and hoped that in future this situation would improve. he said the exhibition orgaisers are doing what the adminsitartion should have done themeselves. 

Final day's programme include Prize Distribution, Sharing of Experince by Older Generation of their personal experiences and Paiting Compettion for youndg students.

Late evning the cultural presentations were continuing and were expected to continue till late night.

This years's 62nd Annual Shri Hari Pradrashini attracted large fcrowd of woem dressed in their traditional attire and active participation by gthem, despite several holidays and their engagement for prepartion of ensuing winters and Deepawali prepartions.  .

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